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Van Doren Engineers BV. was established in 1988. It evolved from Van Doren Elektrotechniek which had been operating since 1954. 

Van Doren Engineers has a turnover of 50 million which makes it a medium / large player in the industrial and utility sectors. 

Van Doren Engineers has 400 employees who realise projects in electro-technology and industrial automation. (200 have a higher professional education qualification and 200 have an intermediate professional education qualification). 

The size of projects varies between € 5,000 and 3 milion. Van Doren Engineers is ISO 9001, VCA** and UL-certified.

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Offices in: Boekel, Panningen, Breda, Heteren, Veghel, Veenendaal, Nitra (Slovakia)
P +31 492 - 747500 E