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Panel assembly

Van Doren Engineers produces control panels to the customer's specifications. Electrical diagrams become reality by assembling the components and wiring them. Our dedication and care for your control panel is paramount. Therefore, accuracy and self discipline are essential characteristics of our staff as this is the only way to achieve superior assembly. Proof of this is our high degree of efficiency. This explains why many clients outsource the entire panel assembly project to Van Doren Engineers.

The panel assemblers of Van Doren Engineers:

  • Build electro-technical switch panels and control cabinets in any shape, size and colour, according to current standards suchs as the UL508a standard.
  • Comply with all your wishes relating to tagging and mechanical and pneumatic facilities.
  • Can conduct a variety of tests, such as:
    • Test for continuity of the entire wiring
    • High-voltage tests
    • Earth resistance testing, residual earth current and insulation resistance

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Offices in: Boekel, Panningen, Breda, Heteren, Veghel, Veenendaal, Nitra (Slovakia)
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